What to expect

Are you ready for fun and vivid/ intense colors?
If you are ready, it will take work and time to get your hair light enough before we even begin.
You’ll be in the salon minimum 3 hours and up to six hours per session . I’m humbly asking you to trust me. In my salon experiences I have seen it’s best not to push the hair beyond it’s limits to protect the integrity of the hair.
Custom looks will require a thorough consultation and have a custom price. Doing multiple tones and applying different techniques will be priced accordingly.
Longevity/ vibrancy can only be estimated and color wash out can be unpredictable. (And messy!) I’m always on the lookout for great products to hold on to your hair investment. I will always recommend anything to help. But ultimately it will fade out, then it will be time to try something new again, and again, and then again because, why not?