Hot hair

Please turn down the temperature on your heat styling tools! 
Every time you heat style you are breaking and reforming the hydrogen bonds. If you’ve had chemical services, you have also already broken and reformed the disulfide bonds.

In most cases you do not need to use the highest temperature setting.  I recommend lowering your current temperature by 10° , if your hair will still style keep going down by 10’s until you find the temperature that still holds a style but is not too hot. All hair types are different.


Chosing a cut and color that suits you is as important as is thinking about how you will be styling. Will your new look require a change in your routine?  Some colors draw more attention but you’re ready for all those compliments, right?

Let’s face it we all do some type of heat styling. So here are a few recommendations.
Make sure your are using thermal protecting products. Make sure your hair is completely dry before running a flat iron or curling tool through your hair.


Chosing to air dry is not an option for everyone so I recommend you blowdry gently, in sections, using a smoothing cream / lotion with a brush to prevent too much frizz from the get go. This way heat styling is easier. Extend your style by using dry shampoo and washing your hair only as needed, to preventing daily exposure to heat styling.
See you at your next appointment.

-The Snipstress

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