Silver/ Grey

This look requires multiple sessions, over the course of several months and an investment in products. This is a very high maintenance look. Refreshing the color may be as often as 2 to 4 weeks. Yes, silver/gray will rinse out each time you wash it.

It is very unlikely that silver/gray will happen on previously colored hair.

It is important you know that not all hair types will be healthy enough to go through the process of multiple lightening sessions.

You will go range of colors  to finally get the desired color. I do everything I could to maintain the integrity of my hair. (See Olaplex on menu.) These looks are not always successful.

I’ll be honest there was a need for a trim or two over the course of this hair journey. Adjustments to how often you wash your hair and lower temperatures for styling; be it blow dry, curl or flat iron were nessesary

Only wash hair as needed. 

Here is a list of some products I recommend to use.

Color depositing shampoo and conditioner

Olaplex steps 3,4,&5

Thermal protection products

Keratin products

Shine serum

Blowdry lotion

Dry shampoo

There is no way for me to tell you how many sessions youll need or how much I’ll have to cut off.

Do not expect to duplicate exactly any inspiration pictures. Pictures can be altered, lighting can be deceiving, multiple filters can be used and many wigs look very realistic in photographs.

Your hair type, hair history, and daily routine

may be very different than that of the inspiration pictures.

As a stylist I see color based on what will compliment your eye color, complexion and face structure.

Consultations are very important for discussion and preparing you for what you will have ahead of you once you leave the salon. I will prepare you as best I can. Ultimately, its up to you, your investment in quality products and follow up services to keep your hair looking it’s best.

– The Snipstress